Jetpack Easy Playlists Update

Got a friendly email from the Growth Engineer & Chief Dog Walker at Automattic Inc. He kindly told me that:

In jetpack_easy_playlists.php you check for function_exists( ‘audio_shortcode’ ) —

That check broke a few weeks ago when Jetpack was updated to wrap the audio shortcode functionality in a class —

Ooops! I didn’t realize. Thanks.

So, the makers of Jetpack and the commercial arm of WordPress know about my little plugin and want to keep it working… I wonder, could we see JEP functionality in Jetpack or WP proper sometime soon? It’s sorely needed.

Also makes me wonder if Automattic monitors all plugins that use one of theirs as a dependency. At any rate, neato that they reached out.

Latest version here


Here is a test of new functionality – ability to call up a playlist from another page or post, using the post/page id or the full slug:

[jplaylist pid=”173″],,|titles=Computer


[jplaylist pid=”software/jetpack-easy-playlists/”],|titles=07


[jplaylist] (no mp3s attached to this post.)

Sorry pal, no mp3s found for your playlist.


[jplaylist pid=”999″] (wack id)
[jplaylist pid=”2012/techmology/”] (wack slug)

Sorry pal, no mp3s found for your playlist. Check your page/post id?

2 thoughts on “Jetpack Easy Playlists Update

    1. Currently, no. The output is in the default Jetpack player, for which there is not a public API for advancing the playlist queue beyond pressing the forward and back buttons on the player itself. I haven’t looked at the shortcode interpreter in a while though, perhaps I can find something to hook into. So, great idea, and I’ll implement if possible!

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